Healing Civilization
Healing Civilization

Healing Civilization


256 Pages, 6 x 9

Formats: Paperback

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Publication Date: June 2010

ISBN 9780895561633

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An in-depth critique of the psychological damage of patriarchy

Documenting the troubling manifestations of civilization's current crisis—violence, misogyny, racism, economic injustice, religious intolerance, and corporate greed—this breakthrough analysis posits the theory that the root cause can be found in patriarchy. Revealing the pervasiveness of the patriarchal mind over the centuries, examples are provided to illustrate how it touches every level of life, including construction of economies and reliance on the media and extending to the treatment of children and one’s own self. Describing the dangers of a society operating on dominator politics, this fascinating study explores the longterm damage done to the other aspects of inner being—mother and child. Brilliantly weaving together history, anthropology, religion, economics, education, psychological development, personal growth, and political oppression, the sobering global situation is illuminated. Offering a hopeful plan for change, this meaningful guide proposes an integrated balance between the three inner aspects and provides a transformative plan that begins with the re-education of the coming generation of children and strives to build a world that is meaningful and harmonious.


He does not know it, but I have been observing the journey of Claudio Naranjo for the better part of forty years. And what I have seen is a man who encompasses the Realities from the scientific to the shamanic. Scholar, poet of the possible, he is an explorer of the outer reaches of inner space. His depth soundings of the wells of history and civilization resound with the echo of one who hears the pathology while seeking the song of the new mythos of who we are, where we have been, and what we yet can be. Hundreds of years ago, he would have been both priest and alchemist. Today, in this luminous work, Healing Civilization, he takes on the dark issue that is the cause of so many of our discontents—the patriarchal origins of civilization. Seeking balance he recalls the matristic period, when women’s values were critical to the weave of cultures. --Excerpt from Foreword by Jean Houston, author of The Possible Human and The Hero and the Goddess, Founder of The Mystery School and The Possible Society In Healing Civilization,

Claudio Naranjo takes an in-depth and grand vision of humanity in its full historical span, and draws conclusions about the future of our humanity. In this work he gives us some of his overriding insights into the malaise of our contemporary world, offers an understanding of where this resides and how it functions, and gives us a vision of the way in which our human world may be brought back to a wholesome and integrated way of life. The discussions of the history of human psychological tendencies, of societal models with utopias and counter-utopias in evolutionary interaction, and of educational systems are three significant areas in which there are strikingly original contributions being made here. I leave the joy of this discovery to the reader. --Mitchell Ginsberg, Ph.D., author, The Far Shore, The Inner Palace, and Calm, Clear, and Loving (forthcoming)

Claudio Naranjo is one of the most respected pioneers of the human potential movement. His influence has been subtle yet pervasive, and many of the most interesting developments in personal growth can be traced to him. In Healing Civilization, he has situated our crisis of civilization in a global and historical context, and presents a stirring call and an exciting foundation for a truly transformative education. His approach is, as always, wise and inspiring because it so clearly emerges from a tremendous depth of personal experience into the far reaches of human possibilities. Claudio Naranjo has made vital contribution to healing civilization in this perilous time of transition. --Alfonso Montuori, Professor, Transformative Studies/Transformative Leadership, California Institute of Integral Studies

Author Biography

Claudio Naranjo is a psychiatrist and the author of 13 books in English, including Character and Neurosis, The Divine Child and The Hero, The Enneagram of Society, The Healing Journey, The One Quest, and The Way of Silence and the Talking Cure. He is known for bringing personality enneagrams to the United States and for developing the psychology of enneatypes. He lives in Berkeley, California. Jean Houston is a scholar, philosopher, teacher, lecturer, and the author of 26 books, including Life Force, Manual of the Peacemaker, A Mythic Life: Learning to Live Our Greater Story, A Passion for the Possible, Public Like a Frog, and Search for the Beloved. She is the cofounder of the Foundation for Mind Research, the founder and chief teacher at the Mystery School, and the founder of the International Institute for Social Artistry. She lives in Ashland, Oregon.