LeslieAnn: My Life as a Boy
LeslieAnn: My Life as a Boy

LeslieAnn: My Life as a Boy

Volume 2


466 Pages, 6 x 9

Formats: Paperback

Paperback, $34.95 (US $34.95) (CA $41.95)

Publication Date: April 2016

ISBN 9780895561398

Price: $34.95
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Blends the genres of memoir, journal, and first-person narrative fiction, and challenges the reader with the issue of gender. Volume 2 continues this romp through issues of gender, U.S. cultural history, stand-up comedy, and self-development. LeslieAnn is stand-up comedian who spices this narrative with constant jokes and one-liners. As she tells her story, she includes black-and-white photos to evoke her early life in which she periodically changes genders—either for convenience or to get ahead in life. This fictional memoir addresses issues of gender discrimination, cross-dressing, and transgender psychology, while reflecting on the lessons learned from her life experiences. LeslieAnn's jokes and insights are unconventional and confrontational regarding the cross-gender issues, but they are also a doorway to the spiritual lessons learned throughout.


"E.J. Gold is a man of many talents and many accomplishments. I also found him to be someone who is totally and irrevocably dedicated to service to other beings." —Lee Lozowick, author of  The Alchemy of Sex and Conscious Parenting

"There is nobody that I know that I associate so much with the "devious guide" (kash mir).... I have come to appreciate E.J. Gold as something much rarer than as an information disseminator: (He is) a teacher who does something through his communciations and stands behind his statements. —Dr. Claudio Naranjo, author of Character and Neurosis and Healing Civilization

Author Biography

E. J. Gold is a leader of the human potential movement on the West Coast. He is an artist, musician, healer, and author of more than 50 books on spiritual and self-help subjects. He lives in Nevada City, California. E. J. Gold is a leader of the human potential movement on the West Coast. He has extensive career experience in the recording industry, TV and film production, stand up comedy, screenwriting, publicity photography, as well as being the author of more than 30 books in the spiritual and self-help fields. He lives in Nevada City, California.