New Life Through Energy Healing
New Life Through Energy Healing

New Life Through Energy Healing

The Atlas of Psychosomatic Energetics

All Ages


424 Pages, 8 x 10

Formats: Hardcover

Hardcover, $49.95 (US $49.95) (CA $54.95)

Publication Date: May 2009

ISBN 9780964518117

Price: $49.95


A proven approach to alternative medicine from a leading European practitioner

Patients who suffer from chronic conditions and psychosomatic illnesses who do not respond to conventional medical treatments may find relief in Psychosomatic Energetics—the new method of energy medicine outlined in this book. Not a speculative system of treatment, Psychosomatic Energetics has already been widely adopted and proven by alternative medicine practitioners in Europe, yet it remains relatively unknown in the United States. According to the doctrine, emotional conflicts, attached to the energy system of the body, are the main cause for some patients' suffering, and other causes of illness that had gone previously undetected are found to result from energetic disturbances from geopathic stress (i.e., electrical fields, magnetic fields, and fields created by modern electronic equipment) and energy blockages in the body's seven energy centers, or chakras. The book includes an introduction to the ancient system of chakras and other sophisticated aspects of both Eastern and Western medical practices. Color artwork plates, diagrams, charts, and bold illustrations further demonstrate how Psychosomatic Energetics synthesizes ancient insight with contemporary technology and clinical know-how in order to play a role in modern medicine.

Author Biography

Reimar Banis, MD, graduated from the University of Heidelberg, with special research done on thermoregulation. He has worked in several private clinics in Germany, where he specialized in vega testing, homeopathy, energetic medicine, and thermography. He is the inventor of Psychosomatic Energetics and currently heads the medical division of Rubimed AG, a Swiss company specializing in holistic health.